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‘Covid Cover’: How the Omicron variant could affect your insurance

Thinking of going away this year? The right travel insurance will offer you peace of mind, allowing you to...

    The right travel insurance will offer you peace of mind, allowing you to look forward to your well-deserved break without the added stress that Covid may bring. 

    UK travel has changed dramatically over the last two years.  The recent rise in covid cases has resulted in thousands of cancelled flights and the varying, unpredictable restrictions have made it difficult to holiday-plan. 

    A survey conducted by Which? found that there was a difference between what customers thought would be covered, and the reality. 

    You can ensure you are fully covered with our travel insurance, allowing you to have a stress-free holiday. 

    Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to Covid cover: 

    What does Omicron mean for my insurance?

    If you are required to quarantine on arrival, it’s likely that you won’t be able to claim or cancel on your insurance. However, you do have the option to postpone your trip.  With the rising number of Covid cases in the UK, it’s possible you could catch Covid yourself. 

    You want to make sure you’re covered by insurance incase this happens. This will allow you to claim for your cancellation or reschedule your holiday. 

    Which policies have the best Covid cover?

    Even if you’re vaccinated, there are still dozens of ways the pandemic could affect your holiday, from possible restrictions to falling ill.   Thankfully insurance providers can offer coverage for these risks.  You may require a range of holiday insurance, such as basic insurance that covers emergency medical care, or you could need complete policies, which covers you for cancellation if you can’t travel due to restrictions.

    Policies you should look out for when finding Coronavirus cover:

    Coronavirus medical and repatriation cover will cover you if you’re infected when you’re away. 

    Coronavirus cancellation cover will allow you to claim on insurance for refunds if Covid stops you travelling for any reason. 

    Scheduled airline failure insurance will cover you if your airline goes bust. 

    Excesses are what you’ll pay towards what your insurer pays out. 

    For more information on travel insurance, contact us on our website.

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