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General Business Insurance

    At The Bateman Group we provide a full range of insurance and risk management services for medium to large size companies, ranging from multi-partner consultancies to manufacturing and retail PLC's.

    Why choose us for your General Business Insurance

    We have helped companies design corporate protection programmes covering such areas as business interruption, product/employers & public liability, goods in transit, motor fleet and loss recovery; together with many more areas of protection and Health & Safety planning.

    As premium levels continue to rise, most insurance companies are now demanding more protection and risk management planning and our expertise will help you reduce your insurance costs and prevent potential business damaging issues – thus improving your profitability.

    In an ever increasing litigious business environment, we also have specialist advice in the financial protection areas including Legal Expenses, Directors and Officers, Credit Insurance and Professional Indemnity cover to ensure that your company can protect itself adequately against potential claims and disputes.

    Helping the UK with General Business Insurance since 1967

    Why The Bateman Group?

    • Established since 1967
    • Personal service – nominated point of contact
    • Annual reviews
    • 100% independent consultants with access to whole of market
    • Capacity & experience to place non-standard/specialised risks
    • Experienced ‘in-house’ support team
    • Swift issue of policy documentation
    • Rapid claims handling
    • 3,000 clients across the UK

    Our Areas Of Advice:

    • Engineering & construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Leisure (including spas, gymnasiums & health clubs)
    • Commercial legal expenses
    • Computer breakdown cover
    • Commercial vehicle/fleets
    • Business combined
    • Events cover
    • Cyber crime
    • Office & retail insurance
    • Tradesman insurance
    • Management liability
    • Marine transit
    • Commercial property owners
    • Residential property owners
    • Professional indemnity

    Optional Benefits & Services:

    • On-Site Surveys
    • Health & Safety advice
    • Loss Recovery advice
    • Third Party Loss Adjusters

    General Business InsuranceFAQs

    What is General Business Insurance?

    General Business Insurance also is known as Commercial Combined Insurance, is a package for your business that would cover various areas of liability, such as employers, building, legal and many more all in one simple premium

    Why do I need General Business Insurance?

    Making sure that you are fully covered in all risk areas is our highest priority for your business. We package everything you require in one simple premium, so you can rest assured that we have assessed all areas there could be a potential claim, so you are covered in any unfortunate circumstances.

    What does General Business Insurance cover?

    Our General Business Insurance package covers a range of liability and business insurance, such as public and product liability, business interruption, fire & theft, legal expenses, directors & officers, computers, stock, and many more which we will confirm on your quotation.

    How does General Business Insurance work?

    The General Business Insurance package is a selection of covers that your business would require to be fully protected in case of any risks that become claims which your company confronts on a daily basis. The way in which we work out the best General Business Insurance package for you, is we take the time to understand the uniqueness of your business and risks it regularly faces, so we can then build the right bespoke insurance package that would protect you in any of those unfortunate circumstances.

    What if my business has had claims in the past?

    When a quote is put together for General Business Insurance, we asses your company on an individual basis depending on a number of factors. If you have had claims in the past, we are still able to provide insurance for you, once we establish the whole picture of the risks involved within your business.

    Setting in place risk preventative measures and procedures can dramatically reduce the chances of the claimed risk happening again. These efforts can also help increase the number of insurers that we are able to approach to provide you with the most comprehensive and lowest priced General Business Insurance package in your current state of business risk and previous claims.

    Is it required for my company to have ‘Employers Liability Insurance’ if I employ staff?

    If your company employs any staff, such as full-time, part-time, labour-only subcontractors, or even volunteers, then it is a legal requirement for your business to have employers’ liability insurance as part of your General Business Insurance package. This certificate of insurance should also be prominently visible or at least accessible electronically to all employees within your company.

    Can you cover high-value contents and stock?

    Yes, we are able to provide this cover as part of your General Business Insurance package. Insurers will be looking at the type of stock you hold, the value, your business location, any security measures you have in place to prevent any unfortunate circumstances. These are some of the factors that can fluctuate the premium to protect you against these kinds of claims.

    How can I correctly value my contents & stock?

    Regarding general contents, this would equal today’s market value of the items. For stock, this would be calculated on the replacement value to you as the business. This would depend on where you are in the supply chain and various other factors that enable your company to purchase the insured goods at your current rate.

    How can I correctly value my building?

    The value of your buildings sum insured is calculated based on the cost of how much it would take to rebuild the property to you as the business, rather than today’s market value. This would include the labour and the materials, especially if you are able to source the required work at a reduced cost. Don’t forget to take into account other areas such as design costs, legal fees, professional advice, planning, site clearance and removal expenses.

    We are not professional valuers and do not offer that service. We would always recommend that you obtain a professional valuation on a regular basis to ensure that the sums insured are correct, up to date and in line with market conditions to avoid any risk of “under-insurance” in the event of a claim, which could affect the outcome of any payment.

    If you are in any doubt regarding the value of your home or possessions, then always seek the advice of an experienced and qualified professional – and if any changes are subsequently required, then contact your insurance broker and/or provider to ensure that the levels of cover are accurate and appropriate.

    Do you provide General Business Insurance in monthly instalments?

    We are able to provide most types of General Business Insurance packages in monthly instalments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our insurance experts who will be able to advise on the best solution to ensure the full protection of your business. Please start an online quote at the top of the page or call us on 01926 495 113.