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Golf Course Insurance

    There are now over 2500 golf courses in the UK which cover nearly 1,500 km2 which is almost 0.05% of the land area alone.

    Why choose us for your Golf Course Insurance

    The golf industry has started to change dramatically since its first origin in 1457, with the leisure industry becoming increasingly growing and golf memberships declining more and more clubs are now looking at building new leisure facilities like gymnasiums, spas, tennis courts also holiday lodges and homes on the course which are slowly becoming a complex.

    This is now making golf courses having to take larger steps to make sure that all of the areas of business they participate in are covered. This can be very time consuming for clubs as most will have separate policies for each section and different renewal dates to deal with.

    The Bateman Group can provide a full cover policy for golf courses which will cover all these aspects including your spa, hotel & restaurant facilities, also green-keepers equipment and buildings and not forgetting the most important aspect the course itself and your members.

    We offer cover against any liability, this includes your playing members and also your guests whilst on the course. It can even cover the cost of their membership reimbursement if they were to suffer a fall on the course and could not play for months due to an injury.

    The main aspect we offer is full coverage of the course, we cover more than just the greens, unlike some policies do, we also cover the tees, fairways, plants and shrubs and also the bunkers on the course, should any damages incur to these, as well as compulsory course alterations and frost damage to greens.

    We will even go further to cover your club’s prestigious trophies, this includes whilst kept in the clubhouse, as well as whilst they go to the engravers anywhere within the UK. There is also cover for your members’ sports equipment if stolen from the club.

    The Bateman Group are passionate about golf and supporting local clubs, and this is why we offer a tailored policy with a personalised visit from our specialist dedicated account executive, that will advise you and direct your club on its insurance needs.

    Helping the UK with Golf Course Insurance since 1967

    Why The Bateman Group?

    • Commercial Legal Expenses cover
    • Directors & Officers Liability – (Including Committee Members & Trustees)
    • Engineering Inspection & Insurance
    • RTA (Road Traffic Act) Liability – Road registered machinery & plant
    • Personal Accident – Directors, Officers & Employees
    • Personal Accident – Sports Teams & Individuals

    Key features of our cover include:

    • Damage to Playing Surfaces – £20,000 any one green and up to £200,000 in total including cover for Fairways, Tees, Trees, Bunkers and course plants
    • Up to £20,000 for green keeper error any one green with no upper limit
    • Frost damage – up to £2,500 in any one period of insurance
    • Green Keeping Machinery & Maintenance equipment kept in the open – subject to compliance with security conditions
    • Compulsory Course Alteration Cover – £50,000 in any one loss and up to £250,000 in the aggregate
    • Goods In Transit cover – £5,000
    • Liability Cover – Members and Also Paying Guests (Member – to – Member)  
    • Contract works cover as standard – Where contract price is under £100,000
    • Landscaping Costs – Up to £10,000 in the aggregate
    • Replacement Locks – Up to £2,500 in any one loss
    • Cups & Trophies – Covered Up to £5,000 any one single article limit within UK territorial limits including (engravers)
    • Membership and Subscription reimbursement – Up to £500 for any one member in the event of an injury or illness suffered from on the course
    • Members Sports Equipment – £1,500 in any one Members loss and up to £50,000 in total

    Golf Course InsuranceFAQs

    What is Golf Course Insurance?

    Our Golf Course Insurance is a bespoke package built specifically for golf courses and clubs to provide cover for day-to-day risks. The package contains everything required for your golf club to be fully protected, including cover such as theft, fire, damage, public liability, plus many other areas of protection.

    Why do I need Golf Course Insurance?

    Making sure that you are fully covered in all risk areas is our highest priority for you. We package everything you require in one simple premium, so you can rest assured that we have assessed all areas there could be a potential claim, so you are covered in any unfortunate circumstances.

    What does Golf Course Insurance cover?

    Our Golf Course Insurance covers many areas of risk such as damage in a fire or flood which could pay for repairs and rebuild, theft of equipment, course damage, public liability insurance in case of any accidents, as the smallest ones can cause the biggest claims, plus many other areas of protection.

    Our expert insurance advisors will assess your needs and put together the best Golf Course Insurance package for you to ensure the most comprehensive protection that you require. We aim to source the best cover for you at the lowest price from our panel of insurers.

    How does Golf Course Insurance work?

    The Golf Course Insurance package is a selection of covers that you would require to protect your golf course and club against the risks it faces on a daily basis.

    The way in which we work out the best Golf Course Insurance package for you, is we take the time to fully understand your requirements, along with the uniqueness of the way your business works and how everything is set up.

    We go into detail to determine the level of risk that is probable on a daily basis, so we can then build the right bespoke insurance package that would protect your golf club in any of those unfortunate circumstances.

    What if our club has had claims in the past?

    When a quote is put together for Golf Course Insurance, we asses your business on an individual basis depending on a number of factors. If you have had claims in the past, we are still able to provide insurance for you, once we establish the whole picture of the risks involved within your business.

    Setting in place risk preventative measures and procedures can dramatically reduce the chances of the claimed risk happening again. These efforts can also help increase the number of insurers that we are able to approach to provide you with the most comprehensive and lowest priced Golf Course Insurance package in your current state of business risk and previous claims.

    Is it required for my business to have ‘Employers’ Liability Insurance’ if I employ staff?

    If your golf club employs any staff, such as full-time, part-time, labour-only subcontractors, or even volunteers, then it is a legal requirement for your business to have employers’ liability insurance as part of your Golf Course Insurance package. This certificate of insurance should also be prominently visible or at least accessible electronically to all employees within your business.

    What are the dangers of getting the cheapest online quote?

    Statistically, most of the time that people are enticed into purchasing the cheapest online quote from one of the aggregator sites you see on TV, is that you are at high risk of being underinsured. This is because the systems just give you the price based on the information you have added without any expert insurance guidance. You may have unknowingly not ticked something, or put in the wrong information from what the system was asking of you, and of course, no one reads the small print, so there might be something there that can prevent you from getting a claim paid out when you need it most.

    The good thing with getting your Golf Course Insurance with Bateman Group is that we are here with you as your trusted insurance advisors every step of the way, who you can actually speak with and visit in person if you want to. You can rest assured that when you take out Golf Course Insurance policy with us, that we will ensure that everything is correct to give you the highest chance of getting a claim paid out if anything unfortunate was to happen.

    How can we correctly value our building?

    The value of your buildings sum insured is calculated based on the cost of how much it would take to rebuild the property to you, rather than today’s market value. This would include the labour and the materials, especially if you are able to source the required work at a reduced cost. Don’t forget to take into account other areas such as design costs, legal fees, professional advice, planning, site clearance and removal expenses.

    What does Accidental Damage Insurance cover?

    Accidental Damage Insurance can be made part of your Golf Course Insurance package, and it covers you against any one-off accidents that have caused damage to your course or building. This can be things damage to fairway or greens that would pay for the repair, or if damage was caused to the wall or nearby items, for example, that would pay for the cost of repair.

    We are not professional valuers and do not offer that service. We would always recommend that you obtain a professional valuation on a regular basis to ensure that the sums insured are correct, up to date and in line with market conditions to avoid any risk of “under-insurance” in the event of a claim, which could affect the outcome of any payment.

    If you are in any doubt regarding the value of your home or possessions, then always seek the advice of an experienced and qualified professional – and if any changes are subsequently required, then contact your insurance broker and/or provider to ensure that the levels of cover are accurate and appropriate.

    Do you provide Golf Course Insurance in monthly instalments?

    We are able to provide most types of Golf Course Insurance packages in monthly instalments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our insurance experts who will be able to advise on the best solution to ensure the full protection of your golf club. Please start an online quote at the top of the page or call us on 01926 495 113.