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Have you sufficiently prepared your car for the spring season?

As the warmer weather sets in, days become longer and the evening skies are brighter, we know spring has arrived.

    Throughout the winter, we’re all guilty of neglecting our cars’ needs. After all, spending time out in the cold, snowy weather, checking fluid levels, testing brakes and cleaning from top to bottom is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    So, why not treat your car to its very own spring clean this month? Here are three things you can get started with.

    Do you need new wipers?

    The snow, rain, and icy weather that we encounter throughout the winter can mean that you need new wipers by the time spring arrives. If you notice your windscreen is streaky or still dirty after you have cleaned it, this may be a tell-tale sign that now is the time to invest in some new wipers. 

    Have you tested your brakes recently?

    Signs that show your brakes may be wearing include squeaking or grinding noises when applying pressure to the brake pedal. Brakes can be professionally tested and fixed during a routine service, ensuring you, your family, and your car are all safe!

    Did you know leaving your car dirty can cause damage?

    With gritted roads and melting ice, your car can get particularly dirty during the winter. Now that spring has arrived, why not get your cleaning products out and make your car look new? Leaving dirt on your car can lead to micro-scratches and rusting paintwork – not something any car owner wants!

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