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How to Deter Burglars

As the dark September nights roll in, burglars are given more opportunities to target properties in your area.

    With all types of crime, prevention is better than cure, and educating yourself on all the best security measures can help prevent you and your loved ones being stolen from.


    Lighting has been commonly used as a security measure for many years. Consider evaluating the lighting in your home, as it could be used as an effective security tool. Whether this means installing motion activation lights or simply leaving the TV on when you leave the house for a short while, lighting is a well know deterrent – especially in the darker months – and criminals will try to avoid it. 

    Windows and doors 

    Leaving a door or window open at night poses a huge security threat, but doors and windows with weak security measures can be just as easy to spot. If your house is vacant, it could be unwise to post holiday snaps on social media while you’re still away, as this will signal to criminals that your house is unattended. 

    Make sure your doors and windows are always shut while you’re away and consider investing in security locks. Most victims of burglary will take these measures after a crime has taken place. Stay vigilant, secure your home before a burglary occurs and you’ll drastically lower your chances of ever having to deal with theft.   


    CCTV cameras are an almost infallible way to deter criminals; They’re easy to spot, they evoke a strong sense of consequence, and they alert the burglar that their crime will be documented. To reduce the odds of being targeted, you should consider investing in CCTV measures such as doorbells with built-in cameras, signs that warn of a CCTV system operating and live web cameras you can check on throughout the day via an app. 

    Let them know they’re seen and heard 

    It’s no surprise that criminals don’t like attracting unwanted attention and letting them know that their presence will gain your attention is a good way to keep them off your property. Man’s best friend can offer more than companionship, and a burglar’s least favourite sound is that of a barking dog alerting its sleeping owners. Even if you can’t keep pets, you can display warning signs that you do, and this will minimize the chance of your home being regarded as an easy target.  

    Stay vigilant 

    If your house was being monitored, a criminal would notice things like newspapers and parcels being left at the doorstep for long periods, or windows left ajar. Consider diverting your parcels to a trusted neighbour if you won’t be home to accept. Make sure your doors and windows are locked any time you’re away from the property – even if it’s just a short trip to the shop.  

    Home Insurance 

    Thankfully, home insurance does cover losses from theft, including instances that happen while you’re away. Therefore, it’s pinnacle for your peace of mind and financial security to make sure your home is fully covered. Home insurance allows you to stay one step ahead of criminals by protecting your most valuable asset and offering you a safety net if anything goes wrong. Burglars hate smart and responsible homeowners, so make sure you’re just that.  

    Thinking of getting home insurance? Let us help you protect your home, get a quote today. 

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