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How to help employees feel their best at work

Happy employees are productive employees. Whether your business is large or small, a wellbeing policy is essential. Here are our five top tips for helping employees feel their best at work.

    1. Focus on wellbeing 

    Align your company’s benefits with wellness initiatives such as health insurance, discounted gym memberships, and funded counselling services. Host regular wellness days when staff are treated to perks like massages, aromatherapy treatments, or yoga during the working day, and send a health-conscious message by ensuring a constant supply of fresh fruit is available in the office for staff to snack on. 

    2. Ensure staff are comfortable 

    Whether your teams are in the office or working from home, make sure they have a workspace that is comfortable and enables them to do their best work. Adjustable desks, supportive chairs, and well-positioned computer screens are essential. Clear the clutter and make sure the workplace is somewhere your employees genuinely enjoy spending time.  

    3. Prioritise mental health  

    Make it a priority to help employees develop good workplace mental health habits. Train several mental health first aiders to spot the signs of problems and provide workers with someone to talk to about any concerns they may have. It’s also important to make staff feel comfortable raising issues by regularly talking about stress management, self-care, and mental health in emails and meetings. 

    4. Allow for flexible working  

    Implement a flexible working policy. Flexi-time can give employees better control over their work/life balance by reducing their commute, creating more leisure time for hobbies and providing more flexibility to care for children and other dependents. Introduce initiatives like ‘no meeting Fridays’ and, where possible, consider the needs of working parents, such as avoiding scheduling meetings before 9.30am and after 3pm.  

    5. Include employees in decision making  

    As much as possible, include your employees in decision-making. Ask for opinions and show care and attention by following up. 

    When it comes to running your business, it is important to ensure you’re protected from any issues that may arise. Is your business sufficiently protected? Contact our experts to find out today. 

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