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Private Leisure Craft Insurance

    Private leisure craft insurance was what set the foundation for how insurance all started back in 1601. It was set in place to protect vessels against any losses from its transport operations this included its hull, cargo, freight, revenue and any negligence. The cover is also included to cover onshore and also offshore exposed property.

    Why choose us for your Private Leisure Craft Insurance

    Since then the marine industry has grown massively and has spread to cover all types of crafts including fishing boats, narrow boats to superyachts and shipping vessels the list goes on. This is why the private leisure craft insurance market has grown and will continue over the years and helps to protect all types of crafts in all territorial types of the sea.

    The private leisure craft insurance market continues to be part of the history and heart of the Lloyds insurance market which is why you can find inside the building the original HMS Lutine Bell which was found in 1858. This Bell still hangs from the Lloyds building today and is still struck when there is a significant loss that has occurred in the insurance world.

    This is why at The Bateman group we only use the best Private Leisure Craft Insurance provider which is underwritten by Zurich which have been dealing with marine insurance for 90 years and experts in their field.

    Helping the UK with Private Leisure Craft Insurance since 1967

    Why The Bateman Group?

    • Established since 1967
    • Personal service – nominated point of contact
    • Annual reviews
    • 100% independent consultants with access to whole of market
    • Capacity & experience to place non-standard/specialised risks
    • Experienced ‘in-house’ support team
    • Swift issue of policy documentation
    • Rapid claims handling
    • 3,000 clients across the UK

    Benefits of cover include:

    • Replacement vessel of up to 110% of agreed value in the case of a total loss
    • Cover for property and valuables on board up to £20,000 providing reassurance that you’re valued
    • Possessions are protected in the event of a loss
    • Racing risks cover for small sailing yachts
    • Water-skiing at full third party limit of £3 million
    • Cover up to £50,000 for family and guests if hit by an uninsured vessel

    Types of craft covered:

    • Motorboats
    • Small craft
    • Inland waterways (narrow boats)
    • Sailing dinghies
    • Sailing yachts
    • Prestige boats (superyachts valued from £1 million – £10 million)
    • Private Leisure Crafts with a maximum speed of 45 knots

    Private Leisure Craft InsuranceFAQs

    What is Private Leisure Craft Insurance?

    Our Private Leisure Craft Insurance is a package built specifically for any type of boats and also leisure to provide cover for day-to-day risks that come with owning and using your boat. The package contains everything required to be fully protected if you are using it just for leisure, or involved with powerboat racing, including cover such as theft, damage, public liability, plus many other areas of protection.

    We aim to provide bespoke Private Leisure Craft Insurance to suit your requirements at the lowest possible cost but with the highest level of comprehensive cover for your peace of mind.

    Why do I need Private Leisure Craft Insurance?

    Making sure that you are fully covered in all risk areas is our highest priority for you. We package everything you require in one simple premium, so you can rest assured that we have assessed all areas there could be a potential claim, so you are covered in any unfortunate circumstances.

    What does Marine Insurance cover?

    Our Private Leisure Craft Insurance covers many areas of risk such as damage in a fire and theft which could pay for repairs and compensate for the loss of income, accidental damage insurance in case of any accidents, as the smallest ones can cause the biggest claims, plus many other areas of protection.

    Our expert insurance advisors will assess your needs and put together the best Private Leisure Craft Insurance package for you to ensure the most comprehensive protection that you require. We aim to source the best cover for you at the lowest price from our panel of insurers.

    How does Private Leisure Craft Insurance work?

    The Private Leisure Craft Insurance package is a selection of covers that you would require to protect your boat and everyone involved against the risks faced on a daily basis.

    The way in which we work out the best Marine Insurance package for you, is we take the time to fully understand your requirements, along with the value of your boat, activity risks such as events or leisure, people involved and many other areas that our insurance experts are trained to provide you with the best cover.

    We go into detail to determine the level of risk that is probable on a daily basis, so we can then build the right bespoke insurance package that would protect your boat and involved parties in any of those unfortunate circumstances.

    What if I have had claims in the past?

    When a quote is put together for Private Leisure Craft Insurance, we asses your situation on an individual basis depending on a number of factors. If you have had claims in the past, we are still able to provide insurance for you, once we establish the whole picture of the risks involved for you as a boat owner.

    Setting in place risk preventative measures and procedures can dramatically reduce the chances of the claimed risk happening again, such as improved security systems and the latest sensors.

    These efforts can also help increase the number of insurers that we are able to approach to provide you with the most comprehensive and lowest priced Private Leisure Craft Insurance package in your current state of risk and previous claims.

    What are the dangers of getting the cheapest online quote?

    Statistically, most of the time that people are enticed into purchasing the cheapest online quote from one of the aggregator sites you see on TV, is that you are at high risk of being underinsured. This is because the systems just give you the price based on the information you have added without any expert insurance guidance. You may have unknowingly not ticked something, or put in the wrong information from what the system was asking of you, and of course, no one reads the small print, so there might be something there that can prevent you from getting a claim paid out when you need it most.

    The good thing with getting your Private Leisure Craft Insurance with The Bateman Group, is that we are here with you as your trusted insurance advisors every step of the way, who you can actually speak with and visit in person if you want to. You can rest assured that when you take out a Private Leisure Craft Insurance policy with us, that we will ensure that everything is correct to give you the highest chance of getting a claim paid out if anything unfortunate was to happen to your boat or anyone involved.

    What is Underwater Damage cover?

    If your boat was to hit something unseen under water, such as a rock or a piece of wood, then the underwater damage cover that is part of your Private Leisure Craft Insurance package will provide you the claim cover you need to get everything repaired, and also can include cover for business interruption if you were to lose income while this issue was being fixed, such as if you are involved in powerboat racing or water sports, for which we can also provide comprehensive cover.

    What is Personal Accident cover?

    If something was to happen to the boat that made you fall overboard or hit your head, for example, then your personal accident cover will provide you with the financial backing you need to get you back on track and pay for any loss of income during that period of time if you are unable to work. Remember to always wear your kill cord, as if you are not then this can void your insurance.

    What is Towing Liability cover?

    If you are involved with water sports such as water skiing or wakeboarding, then you will need to have insurance in case anything was to happen to the people you are towing or the people or property around them. Always ensure that you are not towing more than two people at a time, as this can void your policy.

    Do you provide Private Leisure Craft Insurance in monthly instalments?

    We are able to provide most types of Private Leisure Craft Insurance packages in monthly instalments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our insurance experts who will be able to advise on the best solution to ensure the full protection of your boat and everyone involved. Please start an online quote at the top of the page or call us on 01926 495 113.