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Professional Indemnity Insurance

    If you give advice on a day-to-day basis you may not realise how much you are at risk of that being an impact on your business, especially if this is giving incorrect or misleading information.

    Why choose us for your Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Many people now give advice on so many wide ranges of services this includes people like personal trainers with dieting requirements and supplements as these are now becoming big in the fitness industry and it’s not just about the exercise plans given. It also can spread to higher areas such as financial advice and legal advice a potential mishap on this could not only cost you a large client but also any court proceeding costs and poor reputation.

    With Professional Indemnity Cover this will cover you against this if it was ever to happen to you it will also help pay out for any claims made against you. It can even cover things like libel and slander to your business or any dishonesty from any employee. Without this cover, your business can be exposed to any negligible advice given.

    Helping the UK with Professional Indemnity Insurance since 1967

    Why The Bateman Group?

    • Established since 1967
    • Personal service – nominated point of contact
    • Annual reviews
    • 100% independent consultants with access to whole of market
    • Capacity & experience to place non-standard/specialised risks
    • Experienced ‘in-house’ support team
    • Swift issue of policy documentation
    • Rapid claims handling
    • 3,000 clients across the UK

    Areas of cover include:

    • Professional negligence (i.e. making a mistake on a piece of work for a client)
    • Loss of documents or data
    • Unintentional breach of copyright and/or confidentiality
    • Defamation and libel
    • Loss of goods or money (your own or for which you are responsible)

    Optional cover include:

    • Management liability cover
    • Legal expenses cover
    • Directors & officers cover
    • Cyber liability

    Professional Indemnity InsuranceFAQs

    What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

    If you make a mistake in your work or given bad advice that has lead to a financial or professional loss to your clients, then professional indemnity insurance will help protect you against compensation costs and legal fees. The type of errors that could be made are professional negligence, unintentional copyright infringement, breach of confidentiality, defamation or libel.

    To understand the full areas in which you are covered from this type of insurance, please speak with a trusted advisor. Give us a call or complete the online quote form.

    Why do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

    If you ever get yourself in a situation where you have put your best intentions forward in your work for your clients, but something you didn’t notice was out of place, and lead to a significant financial loss for your client, then this is the insurance policy that will help pay for the compensations costs and legal fees. This may be just bad advice, copyright issues, accidental breach of confidentiality when you copied in the wrong person on an email, and many other examples.

    Ensure that you have full protection, as the high settlement costs could cripple a small business if under-insured. Speak to an advisor today by giving us a call or complete the online quote form.

    What does Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

    Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover you in the case if you give bad advice, make a mistake in your work, accidentally breach copyright or confidentiality, defamation and libel, plus various other areas that your clients have suffered financial or professional loss, then this policy can provide you protection.

    In the occurrence that you are sued because of any of the stated insured events, this policy can help cover the compensation costs and legal fees. Ensure that you have the right level of cover in the event of a potential claim, as underestimating the level of cover you require, can lead to a claim not being paid out to you. Speak with an expert in the area today by giving us a call or completing our online quote form.

    How does Professional Indemnity Insurance work?

    If you are ever sued for professional negligence, such as a mistake in your work or bad advice, as well as accidental breach of copyright or confidentiality, defamation or libel, that has lead to the other party suffering financial or professional loss, then you will need this policy to help cover the costs of compensation and legal fees.

    Ensure that you have the right level of cover for the type of work that you do, as underestimating the size of a potential settlement, could potentially have your claim rejected or not fully covered. Speak with an insurance expert today by giving us a call or complete our online quote form to get started.

    Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

    This would be based on your daily business activities, such as if you are regularly giving advice and providing professional services, then you should consider a level of professional indemnity cover to keep you protected incase any guidance or work was negligent and resulted in a financial loss to your client. Speak with an insurance professional today, who can help you understand the level of cover you require by giving us a call, or simply complete our online quote form.

    Is Professional Indemnity Insurance a legal requirement in the UK?

    Professional Indemnity Insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, however, a lot of business owners see this cover essential, as it protects them against any negligence with wrong advice or work, which could lead to severe financial loss for their clients, and leave them with a high settlement costs to clear. Some regulatory bodies and memberships will require a minimum level of professional indemnity cover, such as for accountants, architects, surveryors, and some consultants.

    This insurance policy will help to pay for the compensation costs and legal fees should a claim be made. The costs can be very high so it is vital that you are also sure that you have the right level of cover. It’s best to speak with an insurance professional who can guide you through your options by giving us a call, or simply complete the online quote form.

    How much does Professional Indemnity Insurance cost?

    The premium of Professional Indemnity Insurance will all depend on the level of cover you require and your type of business activities. As with most insurance products, the assessment is based on what the likelihood of you making a claim will be, and what would be the estimated amount. The best way to confirm the price for your insurance is to either give us a call or complete our online quote form.

    What level of Professional Indemnity cover do I require?

    This will all depend on the potential size of the claim that you could face within your business due to negligent acts. The size of a settlement cost is usually inclusive of the amount of financial loss caused to your client from a negligent act, as well as any professional loss, or even potential repair costs due to incorrect installation guidance for example.

    Is Professional Indemnity Insurance tax-deductible?

    Yes, you are able to claim financial costs such as professional indemnity cover against your tax. You will need to keep a record of all your payable insurance premiums, just in case the HMRC require it at any point. All insurance products provided are classed as a tax-deductible financial cost, so make sure you keep this in mind when doing your calculations.

    You will notice that VAT is not charged on insurance policies, but instead, there is a IPT tax which is 10% and is inclusive in all quotation that we provide. If you have any questions on this or any other insurance-related matter, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or simply complete our online quote form if you are looking for the best insurance premium.

    Do you provide Professional Indemnity Insurance in monthly instalments?

    We are able to provide most types of Professional Indemnity Insurance packages in monthly instalments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our insurance experts who will be able to advise on the best solution to ensure the full protection of your business. Please start an online quote at the top of the page or call us on 01926 495 113.