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The most common causes of invalid car insurance

As the weather takes a turn and the chances of snow and ice increases, car accidents are 20% more likely to occur.

    Given that motorists face greater challenges and reduced visibility on the road, it’s important you have every confidence in your car and / or fleet cover.

    According to the latest Government figures, there are 38.8 million licensed vehicles in the UK, with an estimated 336 accidents each day.

    For the millions of people who have cars registered, it’s important to know the things to avoid for your insurance to remain valid.

    Letting other people drive your car

    In some circumstances, it may be necessary for another driver to use your car, however you must make sure they’re insured to do so beforehand.

    For fleet cover, it’s important to update your insurer on any new hires to your business, where you have elected to name drivers on your policy.

    One of the main benefits to this is that there’s the potential to lower your policy price.

    Attaching objects to the rear-view mirror

    Whilst you may want to personalise your vehicle, any decorative or personal items attached to your rear-view mirror could cause an obstruction to your sight when driving, which could then impact the outcome of any claims.

    Not informing the insurer about a job change

    Over the last year, where many of us have had a change in employment or financial circumstances, it’s so important to keep your insurer informed of vital details like your job and address.

    Failing to declare modifications to your car

    Insurance companies class modifications as anything that has been changed since the vehicle left the factory.

    Changes that render your car safe or unfit for driving, such as neon lights and tinted windows that restrict light, could void your insurance policy.

    If you’re looking to change your vehicle or fleet cover, or you have any questions regarding car insurance in general, get in touch with our team.

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