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Top tips for a successful reopening of your business

It is no surprise that consumer confidence is at an all-time low when it comes to customers returning to shops and businesses on the high street.

    Faced with a third lockdown and cases spiking across the UK each week, it can feel like you’ll never reach the point where your company can reopen and function as it once did.

    However, as specialist insurance brokers with a knowledge of your commercial needs, we know that your approach right now is key to mitigating customer concerns and rebuilding healthy business activity post-lockdown.

    How can you use this time effectively to regain their trust?

    Communicate to your customer base

    Whether you’re new to marketing or you have built a substantial follower base, it is essential that you are using all of the channels open to you to keep your customers updated.

    It can be easy to overlook but – if anything – overcommunication is better at this time than going radio silent and hoping they’ll naturally return to you once the dust settles.

    Savvy business owners may have already learned from the first lockdown and found ways to adjust and evolve their offering, using online delivery or takeaway channels to get their product to the end user, but it’s not a natural fit for every business model.

    Some of the key areas you should be updating include your social media accounts, answerphone message, website, emails and print correspondence.

    Knowing how to edit your Google business profile is also vital, as online searches will take local consumers here and they will need to know if there are any changes to your services or opening hours.

    Have you considered running a promotion?
    If you have been forced to close your business at this time, you may find that some customers have been lost to competitors, or that you see fewer purchases as people have found alternative sources to meet their needs.

    In this instance, you might want to consider running a promotional offer to entice them back.

    Implement your vision
    During the first and second lockdown, many businesses found that it gave them the perfect opportunity to oversee renovation projects that would have otherwise meant they needed to close their doors.

    For the next few weeks, you have ample time to make any sweeping changes that you have been considering, and with financial aids and Government schemes available, it’s hoped that companies will be sustained at this time to have the opportunity for those changes.

    With growing concern over infection rates, it’s also a great chance to review your social distancing measures and identify if there are any additional steps that can be put in place to give your customers greater peace of mind.

    For more information on making sure your business is properly insured and ready to resume activities, please contact us.

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