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Why travel insurance is a must

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Imagine being on holiday and you or one of your family members need medical attention; going to a public hospital facility can be extremely expensive without the correct cover, so it’s always best to consider a suitable policy.

    According to the Association of British Travel agents (ABTA) one in five Brits have needed medical treatment on holiday. And a shocking ten million holidaymakers travel without the right insurance – or even none.

    If you are faced with an emergency, the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) cannot pay for your treatment or fly you back to the UK.

    However, what a standard travel insurance policy would do is cover all medical costs along with a flight home, if it is necessary.
    This is what makes having travel insurance so important.

    On 2nd October, the FCDO updated the list of countries that are exempt from all non-essential travel. Learn more here

    If you do choose to travel overseas to a destination where FCDO is advising against non-essential travel, then your insurance will be disregarded.

    Sometimes people avoid booking travel insurance because they might not understand the different types available. There is a wide variety of travel insurance policies on the market so please consider these factors when shopping around:

    • The type of trip you are going on.
    • Where you are going.
    • How old you are.
    • How long you’ll be gone for.
    • Any existing medical conditions you have.
    • And how many people are going on the trip.

    Whatever the circumstance of your trip, it should be easy enough to find the right cover that is suited for you:

    • Business travel insurance.
    • Single trip.
    • Annual insurance.
    • Backpackers cover.
    • Family cover.
    • Group cover.
    • Insurance for over 65s.

    The right policy can also cover theft, loss, or damage to personal belongings.
    Your baggage and travel documents can be lost so easily when travelling so it is a relief to know your insurance provider is on-hand to provide 24-hour assistance.

    If your cover does not include baggage protection, then ask if you can add it as extra cover.

    Things change quickly in today’s climate so please be ready for the worst. Protect yourself and get the correct cover that you need.

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